Changing Health is changing lives. Will you be part of the success story?

From national health systems to private insurers, Changing Health programmes have been adopted across the UK through the NHS, and will launch in the Netherlands and Germany in 2019.

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Achieve rapid scale

Population impact

Our behavioural psychology based marketing and communications campaigns ensure your population gains access to a programme quickly and with minimal resource from your organisation.

Guarantee personalised support

1-1 at scale

Built on the Health Action Process Approach, our behaviour change framework and team of expert lifestyle coaches ensure that everyone receives a truly personal experience.

Accessible for all

Simple technology

Our programmes are delivered via smartphone, tablet or computer and adapted to our users’ geography, language and learning requirements, enabling deeper engagement.

Clear and transparent ROI

Data is king

Using big data analysis, every single engagement is tracked to provide clear and detailed reports on the impact of Changing Health programmes, for both the individual and your organisation.

Lasting change

End yoyo weight loss

Built on the very best in behaviour change research, our programmes are proven to translate intention into action for lasting positive lifestyle changes.

Experts in innovative health services

Our team are experts in developing and scaling innovative services across healthcare systems.

Business case

Co-create the business case and provide all the required data points to your locality.

Launch support

Each practice is assigned a key account manager who provides 24/7 support and your bespoke Launch Plan.


Full reporting on every element of the programme to provide clear ROI and uptake success.


Positive experience for North West London commissioner

"My experience has been very positive, and we’re looking to scale up significantly pending outcomes data. I’d encourage others to do the same."

Dr Tony Willis, Clinical Director for Diabetes, North West London Collaboration of CCGs

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