We’re on a mission to empower millions of people to make lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

We are Changing Health

The challenge

1.9 billion

adults are now overweight or obese. (That’s 25% of the global population).

$2 trillion

economic burden as a result of the overweight global population.

If current trends continue, 3.2 billion people, or 38% of the population will be overweight or obese by 2030, creating a crippling economic impact.

Our journey

It started in the lab

With over 100 peer reviewed published papers and collaborations with Newcastle University, Southampton University, the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the Medical Research Council (MRC) and Diabetes UK, our founding team are at the forefront of lifestyle change innovation.

Co-founder Professor Mike Trenell co-authored the randomised clinical trial Movement as Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes that created the framework in which Changing Health programmes are built. With IP and licenses from these leading studies, Changing Health is able to provide an unparalleled evidence base that is helping to set the standard in digital therapeutics.

The science turned digital

Changing Health is able to provide en masse highly personal and relevant evidence based education and lifestyle coaching, leading to cost effective scale, with a sustained positive impact. Driven by our own artificial intelligence (AI) engine, users can receive education and support based on their needs and preferences.

Then we got personal

As great as AI is, everyone is unique, with their own story, background, goals and dreams. Psychologists know that in order for a behaviour change intervention to create lasting impact, the techniques must be based on a myriad of factors that are developed around a trusted relationship.

As such, each of our programmes are unique to the psychology of the condition and person, each user receives a personal experience from their coach based on their own goals and background.

Now it's about real world data

From tracking a user's movement, to randomised clinical trials and auditing our NHS sites, Changing Health is focused on showing the real world impact of it’s programmes.

However, beyond the studies, we’re improving people’s lives and showing that conditions like Type 2 diabetes can be put into remission in as little as 10 weeks.

Meet the team

Prof. Mike Trenell

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Read more about Prof. Mike Trenell
Mike is one of the UKs leading lifestyle medicine researchers and practitioners, publishing over 100 peer reviewed papers. He is Professor of Metabolism & Lifestyle Medicine at Newcastle University, founding director of the National Health Innovation Observatory (NIHR), a former National Institute for Health Research Senior Fellow and Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Fellow. Alongside being a holding roles on the EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Advisory board and past member of the Diabetes UK Science and Research Advisory Board, Mike is also a member of the editorial board of the American Diabetes Association journal 'Diabetes' and also 'Clinical Science'.

Nick Imrie

Chief of Staff

Read more about Nick Imrie
Nick is a serial entrepreneur (part of 3 exits - 2 as co-founder). Nick joins us with a strong background in digital and technology and has significant experience scaling companies internationally. Nick has also held senior marketing, sales and product management positions at companies as diverse as VeriSign Inc and UserZoom.

Tim Omer

Chief Technology Officer

Read more about Tim Omer
Senior Technology Manager with a 14+ year career spanning Digital Media and Consultancy, experienced in design and execution of ERP, Business Processes, Revenue, Delivery, Support and IT Operation Systems. Working with people, systems and processes to lead and deliver efficient and flexible Agile solutions. Living with Type 1 diabetes for over 20 years, he has been frustrated with the lack access and progress of technology to help him manage this data-intensive condition and frustrated that he has to rely on one of the most unreliable processors of this data - himself. ​ Working with the #WeAreNotWaiting community of citizen hackers to build an Artificial Pancreas mobile app to help reduce the burden of capturing data, lower costs and producing suggestions on adjustments to his medication. With the aim to provide a fully automated, portable, data-rich Closed Loop system.

Gemma Johnson

Head of Operations

Read more about Gemma Johnson
With over 6 years’ experience in operations management, Gemma spends her days making sure that Changing Health has all the right processes in place to ensure a smooth operation. Gemma is a certified GDPR practitioner and spent 5 years in operations management for a company who designed, printed and installed soft branding for big events like the London Marathon. When she’s not at work she can be found at home, where organisation is often lacking, due to a husband, dog and two step daughters.​

Jon Gwillim

Head of Product

Read more about Jon Gwillim
Jonathan is a specialist in marketing and communications. With over 10 years experience in healthcare communications, Jonathan has worked with life-science companies, regulators and start-ups with a simple goal of improving patient outcomes. His work has ranged from delivering some of Europe's largest pharmaceutical events, to industry first patient crowdsourcing projects.

Holly Hart

Account Manager & Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Holly Hart
Holly has recently completed her MSc in Health Psychology from Northumbria University. She has a close relationship with type 2 diabetes herself through family members who are living with it and keeps herself healthy with home cooking and as well as being a keen climber and mountaineer. In particular, she will be found getting out and about walking on weekends. Alongside coaching she works closely with GPs and commissioning groups as the company Accounts Manager.​

Judy Downey

Account Manager & Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Read more about Judy Downey
Judy has worked as a specialist nurse in the field of diabetes for many years, gaining experience in different sectors. She is currently practicing as a diabetes nurse in primary care and also plans and runs diabetes courses for health care professionals. Judy is very interested in the influence of lifestyle choices on an individual, which may lead to the development of type 2 diabetes. Harnessing modern technology to empower a person to make positive changes is crucial. To this end, Judy is excited to work with Changing Health across North West London, enabling people with type 2 diabetes to better understand how their lifestyle choices will impact on their condition.

Melody Dhinda-Rees

Account Manager

Read more about Melody Dhinda-Rees
Melody has worked in the field of diabetes since graduating with a Master of Public Health in 2016. She has supported and managed diabetes projects in both Primary Care and Commissioning. Her interest in diabetes stems from a strong family history of Type 2 Diabetes. In particular, she is very interested in how the interaction between modern technology and health education can improve health outcomes for people living with the diabetes.

Clare Robson

Project Manager

Read more about Clare Robson
Clare is Changing Health's Project Manager. She has several years' experience in Project Management working in an IT Department at a large corporation, where she successfully managed in house software releases. Clare graduated from Northumbria University in 2005 with a degree in Business Administration and has an APM Project Management Qualification.

Aarti Sahasranaman

Research Lead

Read more about Aarti Sahasranaman
Aarti Sahasranaman leads the generation and synthesis of scientific evidence surrounding behaviour change and implementation science programmes at Changing Health. She has previously managed large-scale randomised controlled trials testing behavioural economic interventions funded by Singapore’s Ministry of Health and led the interventions vertical for a digital public health start-up in rural India. Aarti completed her PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Her co-authored works have been published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, Social Science & Medicine and BMC Research Notes.

Louise Taylor

Product Lead

Read more about Louise Taylor
Louise leads on the management, development and delivery of Changing Health's digital behaviour change products. She is a design practitioner with 18 years of experience in the fields of digital, service and interaction design across both industry and academia. Before joining Changing Health, Louise led on digital design delivery for the MoveLab research group at Newcastle University.

Andrew Taws

Digital Product Architect

Read more about Andrew Taws
Andrew works on the development and management of programmes through the Changing Health platform. He has experience working in large corporations and design studios, and graduated from Teesside University in 2015 with a degree in Graphic Design.

Mark Williams

Communications Manager

Read more about Mark Williams
Mark is a copywriter and communications professional with five years' experience across journalism, PR and digital marketing in both corporate and non-profit organisations.

Sharon Smith

Admin Executive

Read more about Sharon Smith
Sharon is an experienced administrator, who provides her Changing Health colleagues with admin support for financial management, operations, event preparation and delivery, coaching provision, and customer service.

John Black

IT Support Analyst

Read more about John Black
I have worked in a variation of multinational and localised tech oriented companies supporting there core infrastructure and services. I am accredited as a Microsoft Technical associate and G Suite administrator.

Isobel Hall

Reporting & Insight Analyst

Read more about Isobel Hall
Isobel is a Reporting and Insight Analyst previous background in IT Service Management at Innogy and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services.

Meet the coaches

Carl Lumsden

Coaching Team Lead

Read more about Carl Lumsden
Carl is a qualified personal trainer and former member of Newcastle's Sports Health and Fitness Team. He has experience working with GP referrals and weight management groups, helping them reach specific goals. Carl enjoys teaching exercise classes, walking his dogs, football and music.

Kirsten Ashley

Trainee Health Psychologist & Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Kirsten Ashley
Kirsten is a Trainee Health Psychologist and Behaviour Coach, having gained an MSc degree in Health Psychology and BSc degree in Psychology. Throughout her studies she developed a strong interest in the evidence-base surrounding how physical activity and diet can impact on both physical and mental health. Kirsten’s main focus is the development and implementation of behaviour change interventions, whilst also assessing fidelity and quality of intervention delivery. In addition, being involved with various research projects enables Kirsten to develop her skills and contribute to the growing evidence surrounding behaviour change and its impact on health. Kirsten has a passion for health and fitness, regularly going to the gym, running, playing netball and badminton. Having travelled around various countries, Kirsten is keen to further explore the world and experience the different cultures within.

Shakir Chowdhury

Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Shakir Chowdhury
​Shakir is a clinical researcher working on a PhD that explores how diet and activity change can improve health, and the effect of relapses on the body. Shakir has been involved in developing strategies to improve lifestyle in his own local community, and is passionate about supporting people to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Jadine Scragg

Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Jadine Scragg
Jadine is studying a PhD in lifestyle and liver disease, specialising in diet and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. She loves travel, yoga and pole fitness, and works as a flexibility and pole fitness instructor.

Tom Henderson

Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Tom Henderson
Tom has recently graduated with a BSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences from Northumbria University, and is currently studying an MSc in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Tom has a background in sports coaching, and enjoys coaching and watching football, running and going for walks.

Petronella Mangwende

Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Petronella Mangwende
Petronella is a nutritionist, and is passionate about food and cooking. She is currently completing an MSc in Public Health and enjoys reading, music and spending time with her family.

Tasmyn Ali

Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Tasmyn Ali
Tasmyn is currently completing her Health Psychology MSc. Her research project investigates whether nutrition affects mood, attention and behaviour in children with autism. In her spare time she liked to go for long walks with her dog, and socialise with her friends.

Emma Hood

Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Emma Hood
Emma is currently completing a Health Psychology MSc. She is interested in fitness and healthy eating, after making lifestyle changes of her own. Emma also enjoys writing stories, reading and watching football in her spare time.

Johanna Hehl

Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Johanna Hehl
Johanna Hehl is a postgraduate student at Northumbira University in Newcastle with a major in Global Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management. Originally from the south of Germany, she likes to spent her free time outdoors, going hiking, mountain biking and skiing.

Aurelie Froidevaux

Lifestyle Behaviour Coach

Read more about Aurelie Froidevaux
Originally from a suburb of Paris, Aurelie moved to England thirteen years ago. Before becoming a mum, she worked in hospitality. Now, she's joined the Changing Health team as a Lifestyle Coach, while also studying for a diploma in Social Care with Children and Family on the side. Her hobby is wine tasting: hosting sessions and sharing her extensive knowledge with others.

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This white paper covers areas such as:

  • Ways to improve user retention by building with your users’ wants, needs and limitations front of mind
  • How agile principles and co-creation with users will keep your technology accessible for everyone, regardless of age or technical confidence
  • Hear from industry leaders from organisations including NHS England, NHSX, 10 Downing Street and The Institute for Customer Service

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