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Each programme combines health coaching rooted in behavioural science with engaging evidence based digital education, delivering lasting outcomes that stand up to rigorous evaluation.


higher uptake when
compared to face-to-
face education


find programme
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of users satisfied to
very satisfied with the
support received

Clinically proven to create sustained weight loss at 6 and 12 months


I achieved remission in 10 weeks

"I feel better, my memory’s much better… I’m sleeping really well, bouncing with energy, and bouncing with confidence."

Sheinaz, a GP Practice manager

Reversed Type 2 diabetes in just 12 weeks

"Before Changing Health I had to take a lot of medication to manage my diabetes, which made me feel terrible. I didn't know I had the potential to take control of my health!"

Tina, Northamptonshire

Lost 11kg in 12 weeks

"I wake up in the morning fresh as a daisy and I’m sleeping through the night. It’s a complete change."

Rich, Swindon

Lost 10.4kg in 12 weeks

"My daughter is amazed how much fitter I seem - It hasn’t felt like self-sacrifice at all."

David, Hanwell

Prevented Type 2 diabetes

"It’s self-fulfilling - you’ve got more energy, so you can do more exercise, and the whole thing becomes very positive."

Pat, Swindon

Reduced her HbA1c from 89 to 39mmol/mol

"You can cheat on a diet. You can give up on a diet. But a lifestyle change is exactly that - changing your life."

Janice, Waltham Forest

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White paper: Why user centricity must live at the heart of healthcare technology

Apps, wearables, chatbot diagnostics, voice assistant therapies and other technologies are transforming the delivery of healthcare. The opportunities to improve health outcomes are now boundless – but those opportunities will be missed if we lose sight of the user’s own needs.

This white paper covers areas such as:

  • Ways to improve user retention by building with your users’ wants, needs and limitations front of mind
  • How agile principles and co-creation with users will keep your technology accessible for everyone, regardless of age or technical confidence
  • Hear from industry leaders from organisations including NHS England, NHSX, 10 Downing Street and The Institute for Customer Service

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